Get Out of Your Mind

In this continued journey of health throughout the month (and let’s be honest, it’s been much longer for me since truly beginning), I couldn’t leave the topic of mental health untouched. A healthy mind will assist you in making this lifestyle sustainable. And if we are working toward long term health here, then its essential for us.


There was so so much I wanted to write about for this post. It was almost hard to choose. In this day and age, and probably throughout history in different ways, there is a ton that plagues our mind on a regular basis. Your work, your kids, your family, your temptations, your responsibilities... basically anything and everything that could come your way clouds your mind. And if we’re all taking a real moment of honesty here, it probably is not all positive. 

I heard a statistic one time that over 80% of what we think on a daily basis is negative. And not just negative, but negative about ourselves! Whoa! Now that is something that needs some serious light shined on it. How are we supposed to get through a regular day, let alone fulfill a Godly purpose, if our lives are consumed by the negative?!

We need to get out of our minds!!

Literally when I was coming up with this topic and deciding on a title, this was the first video that came to mind,

One of my favorite videos of all time. Growing up I actually danced for 27 years and loved every second of it. So as I picture different pieces of my life, I visualize them as a dance. I just connect to it so well. Ok, side rant over lol. 

But truly, we need to get out of our fleshly minds and spend our time focusing on the one who shines light on our every moment. The battle of light and dark is so real in our every day lives. We can picture it as this epic leap of faith, like the Israelites trusting God to leave Egypt, when in reality on most days, it is simply having the strength to get out of bed in the morning and do another day of this crazy life all over again.

We struggle knowing which way to head next and lack the confidence to even get ourselves there most of the time. But that is exactly where our precious God comes in and does what He does best, take over!

Our mental strength will never be at its greatest capacity if we do not let go of control and allow God to take over!

In Isaiah 30:15 it says this,

”Only in returning to me and resting in me will you be saved. In quietness and confidence is you strength.”

I don’t know about ya’ll, but I need a lot more mental strength in my life to get through even simple day to day tasks. What a glorious God we have that He says we simply need to rest in Him quietly and that is where our strength will be found! This idea is so counter cultural to everything we know. We hear about how much you have to hustle, or be the perfect mom, or have the most beautiful home. But the truth is, we need to put all of that mental energy sucking mindset to the side and place our focus where it really belongs, on Jesus.

I allowed myself to really start doing this over the past several months. I’ve worked it into my routine to start spending my mornings with Jesus, reading His word daily and resting in prayer and worship. And the amount of strength and energy that has returned into my body to get daily tasks accomplished has been amazing to me. Not to mention the positive outlook that accompanies each day. 

This became the most apparent to me just two weeks ago after returning from a week long jam packed vacation. Although the trip itself was utterly lovely and amazing, while spending time in a new environment, I fell fully out of my habit of a daily devotional time with Jesus. The day we returned home, my mind had a full on melt down with water works and all. Because even though I had been on vacation, I had not spent any time resting in God and my mind and body knew it. 

The next day I got right back into my quiet time with Jesus and all of the strength I needed to continue through the crazy days returned. I am so thankful for a God who revitalizes us daily through our sweet connection with Him. 

Are you struggling with your day to day journey? Do you need a minute to just get out of your mind? Take some time this week, even if it is only 10 minutes, and rest in the word of God. Allow His peace to wash over you as regain your strength and energy to shine brightly into each day!