Healthy Eating 101

Hey there friends! If you’ve been following along with us these past few weeks then you already know that this month we are focusing on health. We truly do believe that a healthy life, physically, spiritually, mentally, all the things, is what sets you up for the best life possible. So today we’re gonna talk a bit about how you can get healthy physically. 

The number one thing that is going to affect you physically is your eating habits. (I know you’re all saying, like duh!) But truly it is something we say often and then rarely let it sink into our hearts. Food affects your overall health. It really does. Whether it is your weight, your energy, physical sicknesses, everything in your body is effected by what you place into it. And since we are working to make our bodies a temple for the Holy Spirit to dwell in, then we want to fuel our bodies with the best food choices for us. Woohoo!!


Now I know the number one excuse is always this, time!! Time is so very precious to us and we need to make the most of our time because there is always someone/something vying for it. That leads me to the very first point of this healthy eating 101 and that is:

PLAN PLAN PLAN! The idea of eating healthy can become very overwhelming when we leave everything up to chance. Something that has truly changed my life is meal planning. I spend about 15-20 minutes every week, before I leave for the grocery store, writing out the ingredients needed to make the meals I’ve planned for that week. This helps me to not only know exactly what I want to purchase while I’m out, but it also helps me to only purchase exactly what I need, thus cutting my budget down quite a bit. (Save that money!!)

Find your favorite recipes and/or cookbook! My husband and I have 2-3 favorite cookbooks that we use regular and absolutely love. The more you love a cookbook, the more excited you’ll be about choosing recipes from it. My other saving grace has been Pinterest (and I’ll connect my Healthy Lifestyle Pinterest board here). I love researching some of my favorite foods and finding amazing recipes to try out. Do it friends! Do it!

Read the labels! Again, something that seems like a duh statement, but it is something that we do not do enough of. For the longest time I was trusting my nutrition to the front of a package and not the actual food label. Companies put some insane claims about how healthy their product is on the front of the box and then once you read the label, you find crazy amounts of sugar and awful ingredients. So definitely read the labels. 

Get yourself prepped! Food prepping will help you throughout the week. I usually food prep as soon as I get home from the grocery store because it’s already on my mind. If I know I’m going to be cooking with brown rice throughout the week, I’ll pull out the rice cooker and throw 2 cups of rice in it. Then I can place it in the fridge and it is ready to go all week long. If I know I’m going to want some healthy snacks or easy breakfasts throughout the week, I put those together and place them in the fridge as well. This gives me the ability to grab and go all week long without stressing if I’m eating too much junk.

Grab and go healthy snacks! You will not find healthier snacks then good old fresh fruits and veggies. I’ve noticed the more I have apples, oranges, carrots, bananas, snap peas, etc. lying around the house (and not chips or processed granola bars), the more I want to grab those things as snacks when I’m running out the door. God personally created these delicious healthy snacks for us to enjoy and I’m thankful to endulge in them as often as I can. 

And finally, Don’t beat yourself up if you have a bad day! This was probably the most important lesson I had to learn in eating healthy. When you choose to live a healthy lifestyle and eat all the good foods, there are going to be temptations in your life. There are going to be vacations, and family parties, and days were you maybe don’t choose the best option. This is a journey, not a fad diet. It’s a way to change your lifestyle so that you are choosing good for you foods. If you have a not so healthy day, forgive yourself, and then move on. There is always tomorrow!

I truly hope some of these tips have been helpful to ya’ll. Again, I know that it is a lot of the same stuff we here over and over again. But this time, let it sink in. There is a lot of the Bible I have read a hundred times before I allowed it to sink into my heart and actually change my life. Let it sink in my friend! Give healthy choices a go for the next month and see what happens. I promise you, your energy will begin to return and you’ll start to just feel better about yourself overall. 

I love you all so much! Remember, we are cheering you on your journey here at Inspire Light! We want to see you succeed. If there are specific recipes you want to learn, questions you have, or just want to dive deeper into healthy eating, leave a comment below. We’d love to be able to do our very best to support you on this journey and help shine a light into your health!