In It to Win It

It's been an interesting few weeks here at Inspire Light. I'd like to say it's been all lollipops and rainbows but that's not really the case. Things have definitely been good...but I'm not so sure I'm in the market for just a "good" life.

Let me backtrack a little to hopefully better explain the thousands of thoughts swirling through my mind at this moment. 

About a year ago, I heard God speak over my life. He gave me the affirmed realization that He would be leading me into something big. Something where I was going to have the ability to use my voice. Something that was going to strengthen and stretch my concepts behind work.

I then heard Him say, "leave your job." 

Now that was something I was not ready for. (Slightly ready due to a convo we had earlier that year.) But for me, the timing was completely off. I wasn't suppose to be leaving til the end of the year, not over the summer season. We had no laid out plans, no extra savings, and no way to make up the difference for the bills that were still going to need to be paid.

Reluctantly, and after a stress filled convo with my hubby, we decided that I would follow God's direction and leave. Within exactly one week, God provided the exact amount that we would be missing monthly, through an unexpected alternative source of income. An opportunity was presented to us that would not only grow us as people, but fully provide for the next year.

I looked at God completely amazed. My faith was grown. My husband's faith was grown. And we now had the opportunity to pour into another for an entire year, to help grow her faith as well.

He is so so good to us.

The next chapter to that story came when God directed me toward creating a business that would not only encourage people, but reflect the magnificence of His glory. I jumped at the idea, but struggled with what the exact direction of that would look like. 

The verse Matthew 5:14,

"You are the light of the world - like a city on a hilltop that can not be hidden."

kept popping up in daily conversations, tv shows, radio interviews. I've learned over the years that when God consistently brings something to the forefront of my view, it's something He is desperately trying to communicate. 

Heading to a conference this past winter where the theme was "Let Your Light Shine," was basically the item that sealed the deal for me. I was going to encourage others to shine brightly into the world around them and do so with encouraging texts and literal candles that people could light and enjoy.

Ok....plan in place! Got it!

Then came the working. Working so extra hard to create this vision that God had given me. Working to build a company that could have God's name written on it. Working for a success that I knew was on its way because God had said so.

A few weeks ago, after working myself sick, I looked up to God in an almost defiant manner and shouted,

"This was your dream for me. I'm doing what you wanted me to. You told me this was going to lead to big things. Where are you now?? Where are those big things you promised??"

And almost immediately, God deposited something into my spirit that not only reset my vision, but shut me up reeeeeal quick. He said,

"I'll give you those big things....when you actually include me in your business."

Smack down laid. 

I looked at all of the hard work I had done and suddenly realized that I put all of this together, strived extremely hard, and created a business myself....and then put God's name on it. 

I never asked Him for His direction. I never included Him in the daily decision making. It was all me. I basically allowed God to give me the vision, but then never invited Him on the journey. When all He ever truly wants is to live in that relationship with us. With His children.

I'm brought back to the part in scripture in Exodus 17:11 when the Israelites are fighting the Amalekites. Moses is standing over the battle on a hilltop with the staff of God in His hand. And it says,

"As long as Moses help up the staff in his hand, the Israelites had the advantage. But whenever he dropped his hand, the Amalekites gained the advantage."

When Moses was placing God first and above it all, great things would happen. But whenever God was lowered from the situation, it left room for the enemy to come flooding in. 

I'm so thankful for a God who is directing my path. It takes so much of the stress off of me. I can have faith that He will lead my steps and good things will come. Not because I earned it, but because He is such a good daddy.

The amazing thing is, once I added God back into the equation, crazy incredible things started happening almost immediately. I'm stunned as always and thrilled for what is to come in the future.

He is my end goal. To love and encourage those around me, all in His name and for His glory.

I tell you all this as an encouragement to you. Is there something that You know God is asking you to try? Do you feel stuck in a rut on the side of the road during your journey and don't know how to move forward? 

Ask Him to lead you. Include Him on your journey. And your life will be quickly turned upside down in the very best of ways.