Sleeping With A Night Light

When I was kid, I was scared of the dark.


I always thought that someone was going to jump out of the closet, slide out from under the bed, or sneak in through a window. (I wasn't a dramatic child or anything lol). There was something about those dark moments that just left me paralyzed with fear. 

It's almost embarrassing to admit this, but this fear caused me to sleep with a night light until I was a freshman in high school. A freshman, people! And I have to admit that even now, when my husband is on a work trip, I tend to sleep with the TV on for a bit of added light to the room.

For me, the darkness was never a place to be messed with. I think that's why I worked fairly hard to stay on the straight and narrow growing up. I was a pretty good kid, never got into any serious trouble, went to church every week, achieved great grades, and loved being involved with school.

The darkness never really captivated me. Then I reached college and I'll have to say that the darkness tugged at my heart a bit. A little more trouble popped up. A small season of struggling occurred. 

Just as I began to falter, God jumped in and pulled me right back onto that cliff I was about to take a bounding leap off of. He protected me. And I will always have a burning gratitude toward Him who loves me so deeply and desperately. 

But I saw others fall. Fall so far down that they were never to return to this life. Tears poured off of my face as I lost one friend, then another, and still more after that. Parts of me cried out to God, where are you?? Why aren't you helping them???

I was frustrated for years, until God softly whispered into the depths of my soul, "I saved you to be their night light." 

It never occurred to me that I had a role to play in all of this. That I could stand for those who couldn't get on to their own two feet and lift them up out of their struggles before it was too late.

In His word, God says,

"And YOU will be a light to guide the nations. YOU will open the eyes of the blind. YOU will set the captives free from prison, releasing those who sit in dark dungeons."

Isaiah 42:7 (NLT)

I have a part to play. You have a part to play. God has given us this life to be light to others. To share our light with the world. Let's not waste it on the trivial but shine brightly for the world to see! 

I am a huge Pitch Perfect fan. Obviously the first one was better then the second for a thousand reasons. But this end scene from the second movie gets me every time. It completely encompasses all that I know we are to be to each other and the world.

Love you all so much! Shine brightly dear friends! It's time to be someone's light!