Here's Your Test

It took me a while to write this post. Mainly because I'm a processor. I need to take a minute, step back, and look at the entire situation before I ever speak to it. I started doing this a while back because I needed to end the constant word vomit that would project from my mouth and cover those around me. That's when I would hurt people. That's when I would say my words and not His. I don't want to word vomit on people. So it's been a week or so of straight processing.

I know that our country is struggling. I know that this is a time of hurting people. And my pastor always says, "hurting people, hurt people." I realized just how true that was when the sandstorm of social media chaos ensued after the election. Hurt people, began to hurt each other. And my heart broke for each and every hurting person.

Now just to be clear, this is in no way a political statement. I don't care what your political views are or the political party you voted for. What I care about is you! I care if your heart is hurting. I care if your not being a gracious winner. 

Where ever you stand on this election, God loves you no matter what. And He still wants to see you shining brightly to the world around you. So often we say that we are ready to be the light of the world, until the test shows up. Well, here's your test folks! It's time for shining brightly to be more than just a peppy catch phrase. It needs to be a way of life. 

No matter what we believe the world to look like to us at this moment, the truth is that we have a very real God that is sitting on the throne of heaven. And He has everything under control. Our panic, our stress, will add nothing to our lives (except panic and stress). This is a time for us to rise. For our faith to rise! For us to look at the world and exclaim loudly that you have a God who loves you and is fighting for you, no matter what!

It's time to shine my friends! To be the literal light of the world in a time that seems uncertain. Let's love each other a little more. Let's be kind to our friends, family, and coworkers. That is why we are here. To shine brightly and let the world know that Jesus has it all taken care of. Here is your test friends...who's up to the challenge??