Inspire Light Candle Co. was founded on the words of Matthew 5:14, "YOU are the Light of the World." We hope to inspire you to shine brightly where ever you are! 


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Coming Up!

We are always so excited to meet ya'll in person and love to keep you up to date as to where we will be throughout the year! Throughout the month of July, we will be at Rice's Market every Tuesday from 7am-1pm. This Saturday, July 14th, we will be at Art Star Craft Bazaar from 12pm-5pm as well as at the Blueberry Festival in Peddlers Village from 10am-6pm both Saturday and Sunday. Hope to see you there! 

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About Inspire Light

YOU, my friend, are the light of the world. Did you know that? God has placed His shining light within you to share with the world that you are a part of.


Inspire Light is all about helping you to see the great blessings of this world. We are dedicated to inspiring and empowering you to shine brightly into the world around you. Start reading here!


By purchasing a candle through our shop, you are actually lending a hand to someone in need. A portion of all profits will be headed straight to our partnered organization for that month.